Welcome to our Law Firm, established in 1815

The oldest existing Netherlands Law Firm

This is an excersize file, so don't believe what you read. The idea is to make a responsive web site for a law firm, with a modern look and only html and css.

Here you go. Founded in June 1815, just after Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, this Dutch Law Firm today serves a worldwide client base in international trade and commerce. The Firm provides innovative, cost-effective solutions to business problems across a broad spectrum of disciplines including maritime, aviation, environmental law, tax, employment law, computer law, product liability, intellectual property, corporate finance, project finance and bankruptcy.

We invite you to explore this excellent Web site to learn more about the Firm, its partners and services, and the legal and legislative issues which shape the climate in which our clients do business.


The founding father

The firm was founded by Gijsbert Karel van Hogendorp (27 October 1762 – 5 August 1834) was a liberal conservative and liberal Dutch statesman. He was a great lawyer, but at the time he took care of it that the oldest republic in the world asked someone who lived abroad (in London) and who happened to be (sort of) an ancestor of William of Orange, to act as a king. The rest is history.



As a Law Firm, we have made many many documents over the last 200 years. Copies of hand written letters, typed out letters and telex messages. Nobody looks at these documents now, but we have a huge archive and it costs a lot of effort and money to maintain that. A problems is that the earliest fax machines used thermal paper and that destroys itself within five years or so.


Floppy disks

In our archive we also have a pile of floppy discs. We guess that nowadays nobody knows what floppy disks are. These were dust eating hard disk type of instruments with very little data and they were able to crash your computer. The earliest computer viruses were transmitted by floppy disks! It was the fasted method of sharing data before the internet.


The proceeds

In the old days (two hundred years ago) we didn't care for the proceeds at all. After all, we were rich and nothing could stop us. We helped our clients and that was it. It was as late as the 1980's that lawyers became more eager to get a good income. Nowadays our historic Dutch Law Firm has become accustomed to his way of dealing with cases.


Paper Plane

All our lawyers like to trow paper planes in the air. And they are good at it. Why? Because they practiced a lot at school, where they were bored for many years by their teachers. Who knows why the became good lawyers after all?


Good value

Here at the oldest Netherlands Law Firm every penny invested is worth it. Our clients recognise that they receive good value and that it is always worth what they pay for. Some clients ask for even more value added, and then we add some good looking trainees to the team! They love it.

The firm today

Our law firm offers comprehensive legal services primarily to clients engaged in international commerce and transportation. While the Firm's roots can be traced to revolutionary war, fields in which it remains preeminent the Firm today is equally renowned for its aviation, corporate, finance and commercial litigation practices. All our lawyers are dedicated to provide prompt, cost-effective legal solutions to clients around the globe.

Thank you for a perfect deal!

I cannot thank this truly Netherlands Law Firm enough for all their help with the business so far. They are always there to provide professional support and advice with a personal touch, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

There is no “one size fits all” approach, instead, they have acted in complete interest of the business providing a bespoke approach and documentation to match. Particular thanks to Jackie who has assisted me every step of the way; not only providing advice for the matter at hand, but also guidance on how to safeguard the business for the future.

This firm met the bill, and produced straightforward and robust business templates for Consultancy Agreement, NDA etc, to allow me to propose these to my clients. They are responsive, available and a pleasure to deal with. I hope to work with this firm for many years to come.

- Jane Doe CEO - ABC Inc.

I was introduced to the Firm through a friend, who said, you can really get better service and he was so right! This is value for money and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I have made! Get in touch with these guys and girls. It is worth it.

- John Doe CEO - ABC Inc.

I was looking for a company who could provide prompt and cost effective legal support to a start-up consultancy. They delivered exactly what I wanted, and my clients’ reaction of to these templates is very positive. I look forward to continuing the relationship with the oldest firm of the Netherlands as we grow.

- Janet Smith CEO - ABC Inc.